About Teplocom Hungaria

  • Our company was founded in 1995 and performs a wide range of works.

    Construction and launch of the plant for manufacturing for food industry in Kemecse, Hungary stands out among the lastest achievements.

    Production is oriented to manufacturing of units operating under high pressure, receptacles, heat exchangers, transportation machines and mechanisms as well as other equipment used in the food and in particular sugar industries. “Teplocom Hungaria” can manufacture non-standart parts and equipment components according to a customer’s specific request.

    The basis of manufacturing builds ais abrasive waterjet cutting machine produced by «OMAX», USA. The machine has has been engineered to cut any material as thick as 80 mm to manufacture parts of non-standard form, involutes as well as enables shape cutting etc.


    The operation of the machine boils down to cutting of material with water jet applied under high pressure accompanied by addition of abrasive. The biggest advantage over similar machines (on principle plasma , laser etc.) consists in the processed surface’s having a high quality, metal edges not undergoing any overheating and possibility of cutting different profiles at an angle of 45 °.

    The machine operates at minimal noise levels and produces a minimal amount of waste. Automated control with help of a powerful computer enables maximal optimization of the production process.

    Converting sheet material into cylindrical and conical surfaces is performed on 4 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Blending Machine, produced by company AKBEND, with a roll diameter of 400 mm. The machine is capable of rolling metal into cylindrical and conical surfaces of 20 and 16 mm in thickness respectively.

    The machine is equipped with a control panel. Parameters for metal rolling are set via remote and an opeartion mode is selected by the maschine that allows to minimize the impact of “human factor” on the process.

    Sheet metal cutting is performed a guillotine produced by company Baykal that allows cutting rectangular sheets in thickness of up to 20 mm in different sizes. Feed of metal into the maschine is tailored to a standard sheet 3000 mm wide.

    Welding operations are performed with semi-automatic machines manufactured by well-known Austrian company Fronius. Thanks to deployment of equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers and high qualification of personnel we have achieved a high quality of welding seams.

    All employees working in our company regularly undertake professional training to improve their qualification level and have all the necessary permits and licenses to perform works of any level of complexity.