Idracos is specialized in the projects and construction of high quality equipment for industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants (Italy).

The newest technologies, modern solutions and exclusivity, these what the modern sugar factory need.Quality, reliable and non-failure operation it is the most distinctive features of « Fives Cail » equipment: diffusions, falling film evaporators, vacuum pans, centrifuges, sugar dryings etc. (France).


A/S is a supplier to the worlds sugar and sweetener industry of: engineering , equipment and services (Denmark).


Company supplying equipment and consultancy assistance to industries requiring large scale dryers for drying of bulk particulate materials such as beet pulp from sugar factories (Denmark).


Is responsible for the plate heat exchanger business: gasketed, brazed, laser- and fully welded plate heat exchangers (Germany).


Privately owned, international machine factory and foundry: line of helical twisted Roots pumps called, pulsation-free pumps, shredder with outstanding features for cutting (Germany).


Will engineer and supply complete, functional filtration systems, including piping, pumps, feed vessels and automated control systems (Holland).


Scale control aids, scale inhibitors, cleaning agents and defoamers for the sugar industry, acid inhibitors and cleaners for industrial cleanings, pickling inhibitors, degreasing agents and demulsifying agents for metal treatm (Germany).


One of leaders on manufacture of bagasses presses. Experience shows high efficiency and obvious advantages of the use of presses "Babb?n?" at the saccharine plants (Italy).

Is a global leader in the development and supply of centrifugal pumps, in surface technology solutions and services, for separation column and static mixing technologies (Finland).


Automation of technological processes sugar, spirit, oil-extracting, glass industries and objects of power system (Ukraine).


Development and implementation of technical solutions, measures and techniques, aimed at improvement of production efficiency (Ukraine).